• The Development History of POE in Our Company

  • Brife Introduction for Easy Peelable End(Peel Off End)

    Easy peelable end (EPE) means the cover that easy to be opened,also called Peel-off end (POE). Compared with traditional Easy Open End(EOE), it uses relatively soft aluminum foil or composite film as the torn part to make it easier and safer to tear.


    Our Easy Peelable End(Peel Off End) Origin:

    Our company founder and chief engineer, Mr. Sun Jianfeng got acquainted with  Mr.Pedro from Spain's well-known food company in 2003, and knew easy peelable End. They had common ideas about the machine design. In that year, Mr. Sun Jianfeng  designed domestic first complete automatic Aluminum foil POE manufacturing machine for a famous cover manufacturing company. After that, Mr. Salvador,who was Mr. Pedro’s friend,visited our company for several times, and provided insightful suggestions for the machine, our POE machine got several upgrate, and the technology was more mature. Our company had manufactured dozens of POE manufacturing machines.



    The Development History of POE in Our Company: