How is the use of easy peel-off end in food packaging?

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How is the use of easy peel-off end in food packaging?

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The Easy peel-off ends(lids), is a metal packaging form with high sealing and certain pressure resistance,is used in food canned packaging. The base material is made of tinplate or aluminum,after punching, drawing and curling, it can be safely opened after opening.

It is covered with a metal composite membrane or a composite plastic membrane resistant to ultra-high temperature sterilization,with embossed processing, beautiful and easy to open.


At metal sheet left by the punching process of the base lids can be recycled and reused,the food-grade composite membrane covered is small in thickness and quality, saving natural resources,after the consumer opens the end,  will not cause environmental pollution in case being discarded.

The peel off end, is widely used,  widely used in the packaging of infant milk powder cans with high safety level,nowadays, meatfruitsvegetablescoffeetea and other packaging are gradually used.

The peel off end varieties are currently used for dry powdehigh-temperature sterilization,with one-way valve ventilation, and also individualized transparent printed various sizes of large and small, inner ring is 0-shape Or D-shaped, the outer ring is round or square, etc., China uses a lot of two-dimensional code information technology, now has gradually become popular.

Common types are as follows:

Peel off end for dry powder packaging does not have high-temperature sterilization technology, is used in canned foods such as milk powder and snack foods, is more common in market.

Retort peel off end has the characteristics of high temperature sterilization resistance. It can be used in canned foods such as meat, and consumers can easily cook food.

Peel off end with valve embedded in lid is a one-way pressure relief valve, used in the packaging of fermented foods, such as in canned coffee, to effectively preserve the quality of coffee for a long time.


Transparent peel off end, consumers can see the food they are tempted, have the characteristics of resistance to ultra-high temperature sterilization, UV resistance, water barrieroxygen barrier, recent years, a company in China named Zhejiang Bosun New Material & Tech Co., Ltd. in major technological breakthroughs ,is very novel form of packaging , is well received by consumers.


Printing peel off end, is various fine patterns are printed in advance, photoelectric matching process is performed on the corresponding lid making machine, various promotional information and product information can be embodied on the packaging and many more.


Tea leaves in tea packaging are peel off end, in recent years by means of business and gatherings,deducting Chinese tea culture into another social culture with exquisite and noble love.

The demand of the market has also led to the development of various types of production equipment. From material suppliers to CNC press machines, peel off end making machine, visual inspection machine, stamping box machine, filling and sealing machine, etc.,  complete supply chain has been formed and technology is more mature.

Under the development trend of food safety and environmental protection, the material suppliers and the peel off end making machine are technically difficult. At present, Amcor Limited Company and China's one named Huzhou Jinjie Industry Co., Ltd. Is supplier of coating materials. Peel off end making machine, the previous technology is in the hands of SOUDRONIC AG in Switzerland,.Now, Hangzhou Sunking machinery Co., Ltd. Since 2006, after years of hard work, independent research and development, has mastered the technology of peel off end making machine and become a famous Chinese company in international metal packaging industry.


Finally, making life easier and safer, allowing natural resources to be recycled, sustainable economic development is the eternal development theme, metal packaging is also due to the advantages of these industries, has great potential for development in the future.