Easy peel off ends and making machine technology

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Easy peel off ends and Peel off end making machine technology breakthrough with bring more applications  technology breakthroughs bring


Peel-off ends, is easy of peel open lids, the base lid is tinplate or aluminum, covered with aluminum foil or composite membrane as a sealing and tearing part, light weight, safe without hurting the hand.


Peel off end from the earliest application of high-safety infant milk powder can packaging, to the current meat、fruit、vegetables、coffee、tea and other packaging, from the packaging of dry powder food to the current high-temperature sterilization retort lid, from opaque to now visible transparent lids, to personalized prints and text, and using the QR code traceability system. Various sizes, large and small, the inner ring is O-shaped or D-shaped, and the outer ring is round or square. It has become a popular metal packaging form in recent years and slowly enters daily life.

With the improvement of living standards, people's demand for various types of consumer goods has been upgraded to meet basic functions while meeting individual needs. Starting from this feature, at present, the global Transparent Peel off end and Retort Peel off end, other functional type lids, is becoming a new bright spot of metal packaging.

Transparent Peel off ends, base lids made of tinplate or aluminum, covered with multi-layer composite material transparent plastic membrane, with visible, ultra-high temperature (121 ° C) sterilization, printable pattern text, high sealing and pressure resistance, can see the canned food inside the can and judge the quality of the food and so on. At present, it is applied to seafood, fruit, jam and other food cans, which is a high-grade new packaging form.


The Retort peel-off ends, base lid made of tinplate or aluminum, and the aluminum foil composed of multi-layer composite material has a beautiful golden color appearance, flexible printing pattern characters, high sealing and pressure resistance, and can meet the canned food ultra-high temperature sterilization requirements, while consumers can safely open. This type of packaging in China is still in the development stage, the main reason is that the retort membrane on the peel off end is currently imported more and the cost is higher.


The 1-way valve with Peel off ends, have a 1-way gas venting valve is embedded in the lids for use in a package that automatically generates internal pressure. For example, in canned coffee, the roasted coffee is fermented to produce gas during the storage process. When the pressure difference between the inside and the outside reaches a certain level, the risk of damage to the package may be caused. In the past, the method of overcoming is to fill the seal by vacuuming or the similar way, high cost.now the one-way valve is easy to make up, for the global market that loves to drink coffee, the development potential is huge.


China has a rich traditional culture and is extensive and profound. Tea is not only a kind of beverage, but also a culture that breeds different teas and different philosophical styles. The concept was first proposed by ORG Technology Co.,Ltd., Hangzhou Sunking Machinery completed the development of this type of machine, and the Peel off end with tea was produced and developed. Exquisite culture , exquisite life, small can of tea, the lids can pass the mold or printed pattern and text; VIP level enjoyment, is a new social product such as business, party, etc., is very popular at present, and gradually enters thousands of households.


The development of information technology, the collection and application of network big data systems, resulting in the use of two-dimensional code traceability system in the metal packaging industry. Let each package, each piece of lids, from the raw materials, production, quality inspection, application, delivery, etc., after purchasing and using the product, consumers can clearly know all the information by scanning the QR code and enhance the consumer sense of trust. At present, the information system is also widely used in the Peel off end, and is most used in the packaging industry in China.

Now China's Peel off ends packaging industry is developing rapidly, but it also encounters some problems,Peel off end production and application, need all kinds of equipment, base lids, sealing membrane. CNC press、Lining machine、 Electro magnetic drying machine、 Peel off end machine、Detection machine、filling and sealing machine, etc. Chinese equipment manufacturers have mature technology and high price-to-price ratio, which can meet different production needs,the compatibility is strong, unlike the equipments produced in some countries, the high requirements of various environments and materials can operate normally, so the export volume is large, and it is also praised by customers.


The tinplate or aluminum plate on the base lids is usually made of metal material and coated with a layer of food grade glue. The current technology is relatively mature and the supply is very sufficient. Since the punching membrane eis on the base lids, the sealing membrane is the focus of the peel off end. At present, there are Amcor Limited Company in the world, Huzhou Jinjie Industrial Co., Ltd( China), large production and supply companies, with high sales. However, the sealing membrane material in the Transparent peel off end and the Retort peel off end is very complicated due to the glue and the formula coated on the aluminum foil or the composite plastic, and needs to meet the stability of the ultra-high temperature sterilization and the shelf life of the later product. Types of retort sealing membrane, Chinese  manufacturers are mainly acquired through imports,the price and time cost is higher.


In the past, the heat sealing machine for the key parts of peel off end production was supplied by Swiss Soudronic AG through import methods,the machine purchase price is extremely high and the ordering period is long. Now, the China Hangzhou Sunking Machinery Co., Ltd., after years of hard work, breaks the monopoly of technology and independently develops a series of Peel off end making machine . With nearly 30 intellectual property rights including invention patents, it has won the National High-tech Enterprise Certificate and has provided more than 100 devices to customers worldwide. In addition to local Chinese companies, well-known international companies have included them in the supplier list, has a high reputation and gradually enters the international market.


The Sunking Machine founder and chief engineer, Mr. Sun Jianfeng got acquainted with  Mr.Pedro from Spain's well-known food company in 2003, and knew Peel off End. They had common ideas about the machine design. In that year, Mr. Sun Jianfeng  designed the first complete automatic Peel off end machine for a famous ends manufacturing at COFCO Corporation(China National Cereals, Oils and Foodstuffs Corporation), in the following years, the company signed a confidentiality agreement for technology and sales, and now has more than 10 devices for them.



The Peel off end making machine has been upgraded many times and the technology is becoming more and more mature. At present, the 2-lanes Peel off end making machine has been developed to the fifth-generation device, and the world's exclusive 1-lanes Peel off end making machine has been invented.


In the development process of more than 10 years, Sunking Machinery first thanked the customers for their support. From the very beginning, it is only conceptual, as long as it is made to be Peel off ends, and now it is accurate; the speed is from 35 times per minute, and now it is stable at 150 times per minute; from the functionality of the machine to the current stable and durable, The intelligent features of the present. This development process is also accompanied by the rapid development of the global economy, the process of Industry 4.0.


The fifth-generation SKM-B Peel off end making machine was developed on the basis of SKM-B high-speed Peel off end making machine developed in 2014. It was successfully developed in 2017 and officially put into use by customers. It is the latest machine. The machine features stable, durable, high-speed, intelligent, and can be used to produce 202# to 701# Peel off ends and special-shaped Peel off ends. Automatically complete the base lids shaping work with destacking、punching、drawing and curling, and then the automatic peritoneal function of Aluminum foil(transparent plastic membrane) punching pre-sealing, Sealing, Embossing, output, etc. Independent servo control module, high-precision mold and synchronous conveying, integral frame structure, optimized gantry transmission structure, international procurement of parts, high saving of the oblique arrangement of sealing materials, etc., the progress of every detail on the machine is devoted to the wisdom and hard work of Sunking Machinery,is giving back to the support and trust of our customers, and also promoting the development of the metal packaging industry worldwide.


SKM-Y Simple peel off end making machine was successfully developed in 2015, especially in a can of tea packaging. The use of peel off end products produced by this type of machine can be seen everywhere. Full-featured、 economical、 efficient and stable、 easy to operate and maintain, especially suitable for the production of 300# and below models of peel off end.

Intellectual property rights can reflect a country's ability to innovate and develop, a company's technical capabilities, and also reflect the hard work they have paid. The current intellectual property protection is quite strict, and it also hinders some products from entering certain markets. Fortunately, China's current intellectual property rights laws have been gradually improved to protect those companies that value technology research and technology practices. The equipment made in China is no longer the imitative impression that people used to think. It is already an innovative capability with independent research and development, and it is also popular among customers in the world.


Finally, the development of technology brings convenience to human beings. Environmental protection, safety, and infinite recycling of natural resources are the eternal development themes. Metal packaging is also due to the advantages of these industries and has great potential for development in the future.

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